Light brings life

Monday, March 22nd, 2010 | Green Wonders | No Comments

Currently the hours of daylight are increasing by 6 minutes each day at my latitudes and even if there has been a cold and snowy winter this year, the snow is disappearing at a fast speed. Furthermore, the sunlight is the driver of nature and hence tells all plants and animals that the spring is coming. In every tree branch, seed and hibernation life is coming back into motion. Being exposed to daylight is important for the production of vitamin D of importance for the creation of bone tissue in humans. In the Nordic countries all kids get extra vitamin D to compensate for the winter season when there are just a few, if any, hours of daylight.  The Nordic people are now coming out from their winter nests, turning their faces towards the sun and greeting each other.

Srping sun in Stockholm. image courtesy: Sara Borgström

Spring sun in Stockholm. image courtesy: Sara Borgström

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