Year of biodiversity: How many species are there?

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During the last three years researchers have found 123 new species in the rain forests of Borneo, according to a report from WWF. It is simply amazing that despite all of the technological advances there are still new things to discover on our planet. In addition, the better the methods, the more fascinating the discoveries seem to become. These new species live in the most hostile environments and have developed amazing adaptations to survive. A rough estimation is that we share living space with approximately 8 million other species even if the scientists debate what a species really is and how many they are. Currently 2 million species have been described. However the discovery of new species has a hard time keeping pace with the extinction of species which to a great extent is related to human activities.

Pictures of some of the new species in Borneo

More on the work to protect biodiversity.

Map lichen, just one in in million. image courtesy: Sara Borgström

Map lichen, just one of millions. image courtesy: Sara Borgström

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