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One ecosystem services is when nature is used for education. The best way of understanding ecology is to explore it outdoors. To have a personal relation to nature is essential to environment friendly behavior. Biomimicry is another angel of nature education, where nature is used as a source of solutions to human problems. The idea is to look how the same problem is solved in nature and try to mimic that by using technology. One classic example is how airplanes are designed similar to birds. More recently biomimicry has moved to a smaller scale, investigating molecules and microscopic surface structures that could be used to create water resistant paints.

Check out more examples at the Biomimicry Institute

Tropical butterfly

Tropical butterfly

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Making alternative fuel from a pair of jeans

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Wondering what to do with really worn out clothes and other textiles that you can’t sell second hand? Professor Mohammad Taherzadeh and his research team from the University of Borås might have an answer. They are developing a technology for producing ethanol and biogas from textiles. It might be up to 50 per cent more efficient than producing ethanol from grains. One of the main criticisms of large-scale ethanol production for the international market is the risk that it substitutes necessary local food production. This kind of innovative technology that uses our own waste for energy is welcome.

Check out”jeans fuel”

Remains of jeans to be converted into fuel

Remains of jeans to be converted into fuel

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