Become a gardener of the wild

Saturday, April 24th, 2010 | Explore Everyday Nature | No Comments

Nature has reawoken and uses each second of light to grow after a long, cold and dark winter. If you have a garden why not try a new perspective? Instead of fighting unwanted nature in your plantings, send out invitations.

  • Design and put up bird boxes in the trees.  From your breakfast table you can follow the everyday life of the European blue tits.  Some inspiration!
  • Create a smörgåsbord for butterflies by sowing seeds of summer meadow herbs. How to get started!
  • Wetlands are a deficit. If you are ambitious and a bit stubborn, why not create a pond where frogs and other amphibians can find a refuge?
  • Don’t have a garden? Set up bird boxes or plant herbs in the green area you visit the most. Some people has even formed groups for “guerilla gardening” that aim to increase the diversity in urban green commons.  Example from London.
A paradise for butterflies and other insekts. image courtesy: Kim Koblet

A paradise for butterflies and other insects. image courtesy: Kim Koblet

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