Enjoy the harvest

Even nowadays living in the north requires management of winter with little sunlight. After the long days of summer, the second phase in our recharging process begins in September – it is time to eat locally-produced fruits and vegetables. In the supermarket the seasons are invisible – everything is in season somewhere on the globe and available! To make your seasonal choices environmentally friendly they must follow the local/regional season. In times past the early fall meant harvesting from the spring and summer efforts in the fields and gardens, accompanied by processing for storage and commerce at the farmer’s markets. Encouragingly, the farmers markets are back in town – reminding us of how nature sets the rules for when good food is available.

Farmers markets in Sweden.

Säsongsbloggen by Hemköp (in Swedish)

Säsongsguiden (in Swedish)

Get inspired in Nordic Wellbeing own food court!

Romanesco at Bergianska garden, Stockholm.


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Gröna Gaffeln – eat for the climate

Wednesday, October 27th, 2010 | Environment Update | 1 Comment

It takes 7000 liters (1849 gallons) of water to produce 100 g (3.5 ounces) meat, and 550 liters (145 gallons) for growing wheat to produce one loaf of bread. Nearly 20 per cent of green house gas emissions come from meat production. Meanwhile the consumption of meat is increasing steadily, in Sweden by 50 per cent during the last 20 years. Therefore the Swedish Society for Nature Conservation has launched the campaign “Gröna gaffeln” (green fork) this October. Everybody can join the initiative by choosing to eat vegetarian one day a week and thereby contribute to easing the pressure on the climate. Restaurants can also become use the Gröna gaffeln logo if they promote vegetarian dishes. You do not have to change everything at the same time, just start with a small step and at the same time explore new tastes when decreasing your ecological footprint. Why not ask your lunch restaurant to surprise you with a new green dish next week?

More info about Gröna Gaffeln

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