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Water is an older connection between people than the Internet! Co-operation concerning irrigation was one reason for the founding of the first cities. Water strongly links our bodies to the Earth’s ecosystems. Before the water in your glass ended up next to you it might have: traveled from the oceans up into the clouds, fallen down as light rain over a forest, absorbed into the trees, evaporated up into the sky again, and fallen down into a river, ending up in the water source of your neighbourhood.

Less than 1 per cent of the earths’ water is readily accessible for human use.
Where does your drinking water come from?

A human being needs 20-50 litres (5-13 gallons) of water daily.
What is the average daily water use per person in your region?

2.5 billion people worldwide lack proper sanitation facilities
Where does your waste water go?

Views of water contribute to the aesthetic values of a landscape
Which is your closest water course?

The fresh-water species populations have been reduced by 50 per cent since 1970.
What fish-species live close to you?

In 2030 nearly half of the world’s population will be living in areas suffering from severe water stress.
What is the water situation in your region?

Source: World Water Week

image courtesy: Sara Borgström

image courtesy: Sara Borgström

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