Everyday choices in times of election

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Currently there is no room for other issues than those brought up by the politicians struggling for votes in the up-coming Swedish election. The signs along the roads, the commercials, the press-conferences are all about us making a very important choice. At least that is what they want us to believe.

However, everyday you and I make millions of choices that are as important as our political standpoints. We vote by our actions. We decide how to get to work: whether by foot, bike, bus, train or car. We decide what to buy: meat, fish or just vegetables, locally produced or not, free from pesticides or not, the cheapest or the more expensive. All of these minor choices are acts of economic, social and environmental importance at local, regional and global levels. To help us in our decision-making there is a flora of labels, in Sweden KRAV, EU-ecolabel, Fairtrade, Svanen, Bra miljöval, FSC for forest products and MSC for sea products.

On September 19th the Swedes decide on the politics for the next 4 years. Right now we make decisions that have an impact far beyond our national borders and for a long time to come. Start with your next activity and make it a bit more environmentally friendly.

Some Swedish guidance:
Fish for dinner, WWFs guide (in Swedish only)
KRAV – organic food production
Bra miljöval eco-label ” Good environmental choice”
Svanen, eco-label

…and international:
MSC, Marine Stewardship Council (Sustainable seafood)
FSC, Forest Stewardship Council (Sustainable forestry)
Global ecolabelling network, GEN
EU Ecolabel (Former EU flower)
Fairtrade (tackling poverty and empowering producers by trade)

How large is your ecological footprint? image courtesy Sara Borgström

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