Green is the color of nature

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Often nature is regarded as synonymous with green. The green color comes from the molecule called chlorophyll. This molecule is essential for photosynthesis – a process whereby carbon dioxide and water become oxygen and carbohydrates with the help of the sun. Each breath we take is dependent on this oxygen producing process in leaves, needles, herbs and grasses.
Falling temperature and fewer hours of daylight tell the trees that winter is coming. It is time to withdraw the chlorophyll from the leaves and store it for spring’s fresh foliage. When the green is gone the yellow background color of the leaves appears. The red color on the other hand is produced by the tree exclusively during the autumn and there is no clear understanding of why. Maybe the purpose is to scare damaging insects away. The brown leaves that fall to the ground seems to be dead but contain necessary nutrients for springtime greenery.

Oak leaves

Oak leaves

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