The new generation is prospering

It is not silent in nature, but the sounds are different. The birds are not singing to attract each other, they are sounding to scare us away from their nests. There the youngsters are constantly whistling for more food. It is a busy time. Some birds  already  prepare for migrating southwards. For those who stay, it is all about eating and maybe also storage some for the harsher conditions. The days are long, the chlorophyll is pumping sun energy into the biosphere to feed all the newcomers. The flowers are stretching out their colorful petals to attract pollinators to their cups of sweet nectar. The pollen transportation system is the starting of new seeds and next summers display of flowers. Some seeds fill our baskets on the walk, blueberries, raspberries and wild strawberries. Let your youngsters enjoy together with all kids out there!

Wild strawberries in Norrtälje, Sweden. image courtesy: Kim Koblet

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