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Become a gardener of the wild

Saturday, April 24th, 2010 | Explore Everyday Nature | No Comments

Nature has reawoken and uses each second of light to grow after a long, cold and dark winter. If you have a garden why not try a new perspective? Instead of fighting unwanted nature in your plantings, send out invitations.

  • Design and put up bird boxes in the trees.  From your breakfast table you can follow the everyday life of the European blue tits.  Some inspiration!
  • Create a smörgåsbord for butterflies by sowing seeds of summer meadow herbs. How to get started!
  • Wetlands are a deficit. If you are ambitious and a bit stubborn, why not create a pond where frogs and other amphibians can find a refuge?
  • Don’t have a garden? Set up bird boxes or plant herbs in the green area you visit the most. Some people has even formed groups for “guerilla gardening” that aim to increase the diversity in urban green commons.  Example from London.
A paradise for butterflies and other insekts. image courtesy: Kim Koblet

A paradise for butterflies and other insects. image courtesy: Kim Koblet

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Year of biodiversity: How many species are there?

Friday, April 23rd, 2010 | Environment Update, Green Wonders | No Comments

During the last three years researchers have found 123 new species in the rain forests of Borneo, according to a report from WWF. It is simply amazing that despite all of the technological advances there are still new things to discover on our planet. In addition, the better the methods, the more fascinating the discoveries seem to become. These new species live in the most hostile environments and have developed amazing adaptations to survive. A rough estimation is that we share living space with approximately 8 million other species even if the scientists debate what a species really is and how many they are. Currently 2 million species have been described. However the discovery of new species has a hard time keeping pace with the extinction of species which to a great extent is related to human activities.

Pictures of some of the new species in Borneo

More on the work to protect biodiversity.

Map lichen, just one in in million. image courtesy: Sara Borgström

Map lichen, just one of millions. image courtesy: Sara Borgström

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Spots of sunshine

Friday, April 23rd, 2010 | Green Wonders | No Comments

One of the first herbs to appear in spring is the Coltsfoot (Tussilago or Hästhov in Swedish, Tussilago farfara in latin). Between the withered leaves and straws small yellow flowers appear as soon as the first snow is gone. The Swedish name translated as horse foot is related to the shape of the large leaves that appear later in the summer. In the past the leaves where used for brewing tea that was thought to mitigate cough. The Coltsfoot is a  so-called pioneer species that is found on bare soil on construction sites. Very common, but still a much welcome sign of spring.



For more coltsfoot visit The Relaxation Room at!

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