It is time for harvest

Wednesday, September 16th, 2009 | Explore Everyday Nature

Food is not just found in the supermarket and in the garden, it is everywhere. Autumn is the time for both humans and animals to collect and store food for the winter.

Knowledge about how to use nature in daily life is rapidly disappearing. Ethnobiology includes not only the current use of plants and animals, but also their use across various epochs and cultures, for everything from food and medicines to clothing, tools and housing.

Ask elderly people around you what they used to collect from nature.

Many fruits and berries are rich in vitamin C, which has many important functions in relation to our health. Several can be prepared and stored as jam, jelly or dried.

What berries grow where you live, are they edible and are you allowed to pick them?

Fruits, nuts and berries are not there primarily for us to eat. They contain seeds to be spread. Many of them are colorful and sweet, and in this way entice animals to eat them.

What animals spread the seeds from the fruit, nuts and berries in your region?

Apples, image courtesy: Sara Borgström

Apples, image courtesy: Sara Borgström


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