Welcome to my kitchen!

My favorite Danish-designed kettle

My favorite Danish-designed tea pot

It would be an understatement to say that my kitchen is well used. I feed a family of four: a voraciously hungry husband and two rapidly growing ten-year-olds. Well, yes, there is Lucy my golden retriever, for whom hope springs eternal that something in my cooking pot will land in her pink dog bowl.

It’s not super-shiny and state-of-the-art and it probably needs a bit of a makeover, but this kitchen is a place that works; a place that everyone wants to gather in; a place that fills the house with mouthwatering smells and a place that inspires.

I came to this kitchen years ago with not much more than a poorly prepared Spanish omlette as my flagship recipe. In this kitchen over many years, I have experimented and learned from nature, from the tastes of my family and friends and from the simple repetition that eventually hones those skills and makes them sharp.

My husband isn’t a chauvinist. He can cook and he can do it very well when he puts his mind to it. However, during all of these years this kitchen has been mostly my domain because I have been determined to learn and develop in it (and because my husband rearranges the kitchen in ways that make me crazy when he cooks in it). It has been a place for me to express my creativity and to overcome the silly idea that there are things I cannot do. This kitchen has in many ways, been a therapy.

You are so welcome here and I look forward to sharing my weekly adventures, setbacks and discoveries in my kitchen with you.

Just a little note: All of the recipes in this blog can be found categorized under key ingredients in The Nordic Wellbeing Cookbook.

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