In my island vegetable garden with freshly picked apples

In my island vegetable garden with freshly picked apples

Welcome to my blog about the trials and tribulations of feeding a family of four on a daily basis. Any of you, man or woman, who is the family ‘feeder’ knows that this is no small task. Since most doctors agree that what you consume forms a very significant part of your health outlook, feeding the family nutritious food on a continual basis is a top priority. As you also know, telling everyone in the family that the food is healthy and therefore they should eat it doesn’t tend to work unless it also tastes good. So, taste is up there in the highest priority zone with health. Convenience is something that every modern person has to think about when it comes to preparing food. If it’s not convenient to make, it is unlikely to get into mouths that often. I’ve found that convenience is a feature that doesn’t stand on its own in the kitchen; it is closely related to know-how (nothing is convenient in the kitchen if you don’t brush up on your skills). A fourth priority is cost. Combining health, taste, convenience and cost can be quite a trick. This means planning. Initially it takes some discipline to plan but after a while it just becomes second nature and happens almost subconsciously as you are downing your cup of coffee or tea in the morning.

In my kitchen, you’ll hear a great deal more from me about these features of my kitchen and how I’ve managed to realize them with years of experience in feeding a family of four individuals, day in and day out. You’ll also hear more about the values that I believe support healthy eating. These include understanding food to be: a product of nature (and therefore seeking knowledge about where it comes from); a manifestation of personal creativity; an opportunity to be together; a moment of inner calm; an area of life in which to show respect for our planet.

As my kitchen is in Scandinavia, I am inspired by ingredients typical in a Nordic kitchen. Many of these ingredients also happen to be common ingredients in other parts of the world, and are amongst the healthiest foods that you can consume. I encourage you to visit the Nordic Wellbeing Cookbook to view the constantly expanding collection of recipes available at, including the recipes listed in this blog. Soon you’ll also be able to make use of our health, eco and ethics ratings for each ingredient. Enjoy!

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